French’s Mustard Ice Cream

Some Things Should Never Go Together-Thank Goodness This Isn’t One of Them

Some food combinations should never leave the brain storming session however French’s Mustard Ice Cream isn’t one of them.  Coolhaus Ice Cream and McCormick makers of French’s Yellow Classic Mustard collaborated to bring us a one of a kind flavor to honor National Mustard Day that tastes much better than it sounds.

Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

Coolhaus (pronounced Cool-House) unveiled the unorthodox creation to the Los Angeles, CA area August 2nd at its Scoop Shop in Culver City, CA. I made my way there from Long Beach , CA to try before I gave it a thumbs down. What was the verdict? I liked it-ALOT. However, I am the woman who goes for the Caramel Old Bay ice cream (caramel ice cream with Old Bay seasoning) you get at The Charmery in Baltimore, MD so my taste buds may not be normal. (Don’t judge me)

Enjoying Mustard Ice Cream outside of Coolhaus Culver City, CA Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

My eyes, nose, and mouth received equal attention between the bright yellow color, the scent, the texture, and zest of mustard. (Yes, you can distinguish the mustard flavor but it doesn’t overpower) The flavors balanced out to an even portion of tangy to liven up the sweet. 

During the first spoonful my thought was, “it’s really not that bad” then I finished at a pace I’m sure had my mother rolling her eyes in heaven.  The flavoring gets intense with each spoonful but again it doesn’t overwhelm. While scraping my wooden spoon against the sides of the paper cup, I negated to ask how many hours the ice cream churned, if the secret recipe was in the vault,  or how many globs of mustard was in one scoop. I didn’t even ask how many calories I was shoving in. This may have been useful information to share had I not of been digging for ice cream crumbs. 

Mustard Ice Cream gave me a WOW. I’m glad I tried it before writing it off. It will not be my choice to replace the traditional ice cream sundae flavors nor will I add say a strawberry sauce to it. I think I would however enjoy having it alongside chocolate ice cream or with wet nuts or pretzel bits heaped on top. One woman I met said she could see eating it with potato chips-plunging the chip into the ice cream. I guess she’s one of those people who dips her french fries in ice cream.

Before you decide you don’t want it-try it! It may surprise you how bold your palate is. If you prefer to try the recipe at home McCormick has shared it on its site. If you decide to prepare it at home or sample it in one of the East or West Coast locations let me know what you think. If you like it I promise not to say, “I told you so!” 

Feature Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

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