Open Letter: Dear 2020, I’m Not Mad at You

Even in the darkest times, I didn’t blame you.

Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

Dear 2020,

I feel obliged to write to you. Please let me open by stating I’m not mad at you. For months, I’ve heard the criticisms, the requests to finish you sooner than later, the bemoaning of those who have been permanently altered by the Coronavirus pandemic. I saw endless memes announcing , “F@#! 2020” and “2020 is trash”. While this year has been challenging in every aspect- wild fires, civil unrest, the Black Lives Matters movement, Donald Trump and every dysfunctional thing the US has had buried in the closet, I felt you deserved to have at least one message of support. I want you to know how thankful I am for you. You carried out a vow to me on the first day we met last January. Despite all that has happened in your year, you have consistently kept your word.

The week leading up to your arrival, I recall writing all the qualities I needed in a year. I prayed you would differ from the year I was in. As in most relationships, 2019 started out great. I was thrilled about the order I thought my life was moving. Enthusiastic about what I was going to do. By the end, I was panicked and holding on to just a slither of hope that change would be showing up . I prayed you would be the turn I called for. You were just that! The first thing you did when we met was whisk me off into carrying out a dream. I started the year covering the Rose Bowl Parade as a correspondent. I couldn’t believe it! A Reporter! I perceived then, you would be like no other year. I was excited to be with you. I looked forward to what we’d do collectively. Gradually all the worry dissipated.

I suppose you were invariably going to be the year that all dysfunctional and hurtful about us as human beings was going to appear. It was your destiny. Yet, while fulfilling your inevitability, you helped so many. People restored themselves. Picked up new hobbies or renewed old ones. They started getting the rest they lacked because of lock downs and work from home, enjoying little things more- appreciating family more. Some discovered love, other’s courage, and a good deal of strength they didn’t recognize they had. Many voted for the first time or cared about voting for the first time. These all took place not despite you, but because of you. I can hardly imagine the strain of being an “unprecedented” time for all the worst reasons.

I bid you a fond farewell my dear 2020. Thank you leaving me better than you found me.


Featured Image: Welcome Tower San Francisco, CA |Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

One Reply to “Open Letter: Dear 2020, I’m Not Mad at You”

  1. I love this so much. Bright fresh perspective. I needed to read it and it’s got me thinking with gentle eyes and a 360 view. Before I was squinting out a small window onto the air shaft. Write on. Hoping to spend more time inn2021 on Rue Desiree!

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