Baltimore, MD Refocused Vegan

Refocused Vegan Baltimore, MD
Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

The conversation went like this, “so tell me about this vegan crab cake?” My tone showing I was skeptical of what I was getting myself into and seeking some sort of reassurance that what I was taking a gamble on was ok. The brother with the Baltimore confidence and accent that only another Baltimorean could appreciate replied, “You tell me! You big time!” passed me my bag and sauntered off grinning.

Having devoured that crab cake in my car, I now know what he knew-that crab cake was going to speak for itself. Refocused Vegan served me the best vegan crab cake I have ever eaten.

Refocused Vegan on the corner of N Eutaw and Franklin Streets is serving vegan crab cakes that are So Baldimore! (Baltimore for those not from the Charm City) They describe themselves as, “challenging the myth that vegans only eat grass or “rabbit food.” One look at the menu, you can tell the goal is to do just that. It has something for everyone. If you are feeling a vegan cheesesteak sub, parmesan truffle fries, vegan wings, quesadillas, vegan crispy chicken salad or vegan mac n’ cheese you can get it here.

Pulling back the foil of the V Crab Cake Sandwich , I could smell the old bay. But biting into it was where the magic happened. It tasted like the crab cake I’ve always known and loved- blue crabs, lump meat, broiled, little filler, old bay, and seasonings. Served on a soft roll, a little lettuce, and only 2 slices of tomatoes. We like the crab cake to be the main attraction and most powerful flavor.

Being that it was not crab meat, there were some textural differences but not in a way that made it difficult to eat. It does have a very close taste and texture to crab meat. What is it made of you ask? I don’t know because I didn’t. (Don’t judge me)

Refocused Vegan Crab Cake Sandwich
Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

Right now Refocused Vegan is contactless payment (card only), closed Monday and Tuesday, and pick-up or delivery. Renovations were underway-no dine in- when I visited on April 23,2021. Parking is on the street with N Eutaw and Franklin streets being busy thoroughfares.

I love exploring new spots to eat at home as a Vegan. One thing for sure, you can take the girl out of Baltimore, but you will never take “Baldimore” out the girl!

Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

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