Falling In Love With Long Beach: One Mural at a Time

Falling In Love With Long Beach: One Mural At A Time September 2, 2019 marked 50 days from my 50th birthday. To celebrate the milestone, I created 50 random things for myself to do and placed them in a mason jar to pull each day until my actual birthday. Turning 50...

4 Easy Ways You Can Travel More Often

Just as I started this blog something marvelous happened. What, you ask? Well, as I was feeling my way around this different territory of food writing and travel blogging I turned into the food columnist for QCity Metro.  It’s been an enjoyable distraction sharing my food experiences. It all sort of happened quickly, so I wasn’t prepared to blog, write, and manage the 9 to 5. Now I’m settled in and ready to share my travels and culinary adventures.

All I Want to Do is Eat and Travel – Don’t You?

I knew the world was out there but it was worlds away. I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t get to it-or so I thought.

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